Montreal smoked meat

Snowdon Deli - Montreal Smoked Meat

Montreal Deli renowned for its smoked meat, party sandwiches, jewish-style homemade foods, all-day breakfast and catering.

Our Services Include:

  • All-Day Breakfast
  • Smoked Meat eat in or take out
  • Smoked fish
  • Desserts
  • Full service take out counter
  • Catering for all occasions

Business Hours

  • Open 7 days a week 6am-7h30pm
  • except Friday 6am-6h30pm



Snowdon Deli


5265 Decarie Blvd,
Montreal, Quebec
H3W 3C2


  • Greater Montreal Area


Montreal smoked meat


Best deli in Montreal
I just placed what could be my 100th order from Snowdon Deli, but maybe it's my 200th. Whether it's walk-in or pick-up or eating there, their food is always excellent. When I grew up in Montreal, I was not a vegetarian and enjoyed their smoked meat sandwiches. Now, my carnivorous family also enjoys their smoked turkey and roast beef. We agree that they have the best fries in Montreal, tied with Chez Nick. I have a weakness for their varanikas and knish, but especially for their eggplant salad. I would steer you away from is their desserts, however, as hamentashen and the like are only a cut above Asian desserts, IMHO. Ambiance is "deli" but friendly, and the waitresses will get to know you. Prices are moderate and you should be able to eat there for $10 per person. They close early, around 7pm, so call to check their hours. -- Gery Perlman